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Bass Lake


I travel to Bass Lake for one of my clients to handle maintenance and projects on their log cabin home. 

On this project the homeowner’s goals were to enclose the backyard with a fence and gates, cover a large generator in the backyard with a cedar blind, convert existing electrical switches to a Lutron System, install glass railings on the balconies to improve views of the lake, update one of the bathrooms, install a jacuzzi, and maintain the exterior logs of the cabin. 

The scope of work has expanded since I started managing the cabin in 2014. Bass Lake was hit hard by the drought and the low lake level became a challenge. We installed temporary docks for two Summers with carpet running down to help guests enjoy the lake while the water level was so low. We also dealt with pine beetles attacking Bass Lake. This cabin effected, and as a result we had to come up with a plan to save the pine trees on the property. As for the trees that could not be saved, they were cut down and hauled off by a crane. 

I enjoy maintaining the beauty of estates, and I would like continue to find this type of work here in Santa Barbara.


Sanding Exterior, Applying Stain, and Resealing Logs
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