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On this Mesa Project the homeowner’s goals were to convert the 1960's 3 bedroom 2 bath track home into a modern 3 bedroom 3 bath home.   Additional goals were to add a real master suite along with convert the existing back patio cover into a deck to take advantage of the beautiful views.

We accomplished the goals of the project by removing all the interior finishes throughout the home along with 70% of the drywall. New mechanical, electrical, and plumbing was installed throughout. A 400 square foot addition was added off the master bedroom to make room for a walk in closet, tub, shower, and larger guest bedroom.


The home owner also acted as the interior designer for the project. She loved bamboo, kerf door jambs, glass tiles, and quartzite. Every detail was considered. 

The blend of bamboo, quartzite, and glass tiles throughout give the home a wonder flow from room to room. 

This project was a lot of fun and we are really happy with how it turned out.


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