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           Mesa PROJECT

The homeowner’s goals were to update their home with new finishes, make better use of the space in both bathroom's, and install an updated soapstone countertop in the kitchen.

We installed Waterworks tile in the guest bath with a frameless shower enclosure, accompanied by Waterworks Plumbing Fixtures.  

In the master bathroom we added beadboard to the wall, moved the cabinets, and updated the light fixtures. One of the biggest problems we faced in the bathroom was a low roofline running through the shower.  We wanted to have a clean look and decided to install a waterproof plaster on the walls with a frameless shower enclosure.  The Newport Brass shower fixtures were also installed which complimented the plaster walls.  

The bathtub presented the next challenge in the master bath.  The tub weighed 650 lbs and was painted a custom color chosen by the interior designer. We then had to carefully move the tub upstairs without damaging the the paint finish or flooring inside the home. 

This was a very successful project, and needless to say the clients were satisfied with the finished product.


Waterworks Bathtub, Newport Brass Plumbing Fixture, and Marble Floor
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