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On the Rincon Project the homeowner’s goals were to have a view of the ocean from the kitchen and a very natural exterior.   Additional goals were to have clean lines, high quality finishes, and a home that felt comfortable to live in.


With these goals in mind, we used the Design-Build process to create a floor plan with the interior designer, which I took to the architects and engineer to run calculations, draw elevations, and create a working set of plans that we could take into the county for approval.  I worked closely with everyone to make sure the homeowner’s original goals were still in place and to help work through changes that come from engineering restraints and Ventura County’s Environmental Health, Planning, and Building Department.  This part of the process took 8 months from the start to an approved set of plans.


This beautiful beachside home is approximately 4,000 sqft of Habitable Space and 1,500 sqft of Covered Porch.  It took 1 year 4 months from the demolition- to the homeowner’s move in.  The home was a complete renovation; after interior walls and ceiling materials were removed to the studs, we added significant rebar and concrete, 2 steel moment frames, and 7 Parallam beams to reinforce the load bearing walls that were removed.


Putting this house back together was challenging and fun, some of the finishes used were Brazilian ipe, cedar, redwood, and teak.  We worked within 1/64” to 1/16” tolerances to keep the shadow lines perfectly straight.  Working with such high tolerances lead to an immaculate finished product.


With the homeowner’s and interior designer Charles De Lisle’s visions we were able to finish the home with the clean lines desired, views of the ocean from the kitchen, and created a comfortable place to live.

Click the link below to see the project prior to the renovation.


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